About Jorge A. Cortés

Hi, I'm Jorge A. Cortés. Industrial engineer focused in R&D of electronic products, specialized in embedded software and firmware. I'm centered in helping OEMs design and develop their cutting-edge electronic products. My passion is understanding and discovering new technologies and its applications.


  • cortesja.com - My homepage. Articles about technology, electronics and software.
  • Oravatec - Project for spreading knowledge about electronic product development (in spanish).
  • Takeminutes - Webapp for taking collaborative meeting minutes. Under development.
  • jorgeacortes.com - Personal blog in spanish talking about technology, engineering, software and other topics.
  • Open source software - My contributions in Github.

My career

I currently work at Technica Engineering in Barcelona developing embedded software for state of the art automotive network testing products and proof of concepts for automotive technologies.

Before that I have:

  • Cofounded an electronics R&D agency for industrial and consumer markets.
  • Helped tens of companies to design and develop their electronic products from concept to manufacturing using multiple technologies for industrial and consumer markets.
  • Designed, developed and deployed a global IOT hardware and software platform for an industrial crane brakes OEM.
  • Designed and developed manufacturing embedded software and help define manufacturing test stations for Volkswagen Group Tier1 ADAS ECUs.
  • Being software architect for a Volkswagen Group Tier1 ADAS ECU.


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