Jorge A. Cortés

Industrial engineer specialized on electronic products design. I have experience in embedded software development, hardware, 3D design and PCB assembly. I funded two companies and currently I'm in the software department of an automotive project developing embedded software for ADAS devices.

Short bio

Industrial engineer from Málaga based in Barcelona passionate for technology and R&D.

In 2014 I started a company focused on developing electronic devices. There we managed the entire product cycle: from device definition according to the customer ideas, prototyping phase and final design to preseries and mass production.

In that period I developed my skills on different areas: business and project management, technical development and sales.

In 2017 I took part on the creation of a electronic assembly business where I worked on all processes of electronic assembly in both manual and automatic.

In 2018 I decided to move on from my two companies and joined a Tier 1 Automotive Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) company as embedded software developer.

There, I strengthen my embedded software skills developing automotive quality production code for real time applications and became software architect, not losing the focus on hardware issues.


SW Senior Product Engineer

Barcelona, Spain
Jul 2019 - Dec 2019 · 6 months

Tier 1 Automotive Embedded Software Architect for Surround view system ECU (Top View) for a major OEM.

AutoSAR 4.2 based SW Development (TI TDA2Ex) :

  • Architecture design.
  • RTE development.
  • BSW Configuration.
  • CDD and SW-C design, development and maintenance.
  • Car platform software porting.
  • Mentoring.

R&D Embedded Software Architect / Manufacturing SW Lead at Ficosa ADAS

Barcelona, Spain
Nov 2018 - Jul 2019 · 9 months

Automotive Tier 1 Embedded Software Architect for Surround View System ECU (TI TDA2Ex).

  • Designing software architecture and components (AutoSAR 4.2).
  • Main RTE developer.
  • Maintainer for development branch of AutoSAR 4.2 stack. Code reviews and integration.
  • AutoSAR SWC & CDDs development (design, implementation and testing).
  • Leading SW changes to adapt to new HW samples versions of ECU.

Other activities:

  • Python scripting.
  • SW-C and SDD reviewer.
  • SWE.3 A-SPICE process defender in a major OEM assessment.
  • Support other SW devs, BSW activities and SW testing team.
  • Support for manufacturing related issues from SW perspective.

SW Tools: JIRA, Bitbucket, GIT, DaVinci Developer, K-SAR, CANoe, Jenkins, SVN, DOORS, CCS, Enterprise Architect, Polyspace, AutoSAR 4.2, MISRA C:2012, Scons.

R&D Embedded Software Engineer / Manufacturing Software Lead

Barcelona, Spain
Jul 2018 - Nov 2018 · 5 months

AutoSAR SW development in Surround view project (TI TDA2Ex):

  • Detailed design, development and maintenance of AutoSAR software components and complex device drivers.
  • Software testing (static and dynamic analysis, MISRA, Debugging, UART, CAN-FD).
  • UDS Diagnostics configuration and implementation (DCM-RTE-APP) over CAN-FD protocol.
  • Support to SW Architecture team.

Embedded software development team lead of manufacturing oriented and factory verification tests functionalities for Top view system and Smart cameras.

  • Gather and write down requirements and analyzing the factory process (SYS & SW).
  • Coordinate with developers, SYS, QA and factory. Punctually traveled abroad to the factory to provide support.

SW Tools: JIRA, Bitbucket, GIT, K-SAR, CANoe, Jenkins, SVN, DOORS, CCS, Polyspace, AutoSAR 4.2, MISRA C:2012.

R&D Embedded Software Engineer

Barcelona, Spain
May 2018 - Jul 2018 · 3 months

Embedded software A-SPICE model development for Smart cameras and Top view system for a major automotive OEM.

  • AutoSAR software development: design and implementation of software components and complex device drivers.
  • TI SYS/BIOS: bring up software development (TI TDA2Ex).
  • Erika OS: bring up software development (Broadcom BCM89103).

CTO and Cofounder

Málaga, Spain
September 2014 - April 2018 · 3 year and 8 months

Electronic engineering consultancy, complete devices design and manufacturing of small and large series.

PCB Design
  • Microcontroller based multilayer PCB design.
  • Components selection.
  • Schematic design.
  • PCB design (CE mark oriented).
  • Prototype assembly SMT/THT.
  • Tests and verification of devices.
  • SW Tools: EAGLE, Matlab, GIT & Excel.
Firmware development in C (embedded software)
  • ST ARM Cortex-M0/M0+ and Atmel AVR.
  • Real time applications.
  • Buses: I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, RS485.
  • PWM, ADC, timers, interrupts, signal processing.
  • SW Tools: Atmel Studio, System Workbench for STM32, CCS, GIT, Saleale Logic, MPLAB & Excel.
Mechanical design
  • Parts machining drawings.
  • Sheet metal based envelope design.
  • 3D Modelling of assemblies and exploded drawings.
  • 3D printing parts.
  • SW Tools: SolidWorks & AutoCAD.
  • Managed the manufacturing of hundreds of PCB/PCBA and complete devices of tens of different references.
  • Outsourcing and international electronic components suppliers management.
  • Quality and cost improvement.
Business management
  • Accounting, finance and administration.
  • Quotes, budgets and marketing.
  • Design and validation of processes in all departments.
  • HR: direction of projects and teams. Recruitment and training.

Founding partner

Málaga, Spain
February 2017 - April 2018 · 1 year and 2 months

Company focused on PCB assembly, I collaborated with partners in every process of the company. Working by project.

I worked on differents projects of PCBA doing all functions:

  • Semiauto solder paste priting.
  • Pick&Place programming and operation.
  • Placing SMD components.
  • Reflow oven operation.
  • Manual THT soldering.
  • Defects repairing.
  • Complete assembly of prototypes SMT/THT.


Industrial engineer

5 course degree (300 ETCS)

Electronics and systems engineering specialization.

Master thesis: Deisgn of electronic system for a mobile robot.

Short courses


Spanish Mother tongue
English Advanced level
French Basic level

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